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Conuntry : Iran
Language : persian
Population : 500000
Area : 50000 metr
Currency : rial
Shiraz is a city of sophistication that has been celebrated as the heartland of Persian culture for more than 2000 years. Known as the Dar-ol-Elm (House of Learning),the City of Roses,City of Love and City of Gardens,Shiraz has become synonymous with education,nightingales,and poetry. It was one of the most important cities in the medieval Islamic world and was the Iranian capital during the Zand dynasty (AD 1747–79),when many of its most beautiful buildings were built or restored.This city is situated in the south east of Iran and is the capital city of Fars Province,with a popullation of about 1 500 000. Shiraz is mild in spring and hot in the summer. The autumns in Shiraz are not too cold; however,the winters tend to be quite cold.
The Shrine of Shahe-e-Cheragh

Sayyed Mir Ahmad,one of Imam Reza’s 17 brothers,was hunted down and killed by the caliphate on this site in AD 835. His remains are housed at the glittering Aramgah-e Shah-e Cheragh. A mausoleum was first erected over the grave during the 12th century but most of what you see dates from the late-Qajar period and the Islamic Republic; expansion is ongoing.

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Vakil Bazaar

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